Chair Repair and Restoration

  • Pressed Cane: $8.00/inch (Measured by longest side)

  • Fiber Rush: $8.00/inch (Measured by the longest side)

  • Natural Rush: $10.00/inch (Measured by longest side)

  • Fancy Rush - Material and patterns: Price to be determined

  • Woven Cane: $3.25/hole (Total holes through which cane is woven)

  • Shaker Tape: $5.50/inch (Measured by longest side)

  • Repair/Restoration of Structure: Minimum of $10/joint (Charges depend on time involved and materials used.

  • Primer/Sealer: $75 plus any preparation time such as sanding and removing old wax

  • Fabric Seat Recover: $30 plus the cost of fabric